Play the "Send 3 Get Tea" Referral Game!

Here's how it works. You send people to shop here at Coy o'Teas.  When they buy something, they tell us YOU referred them (there's a space on the order form).  For every 3 people who purchase, you get a FREE sample of tea!

...There`s no strings, no catch, no shipping or purchase required.  THIS TEA IS FREE!  Best of all, there`s no limit.  Refer 6 people, get 2 samples.  Refer 300 people, get 100 samples.   New: for every 10 referrals you can even trade up to a 4-oz package.  Everybody wins!

The legal stuff: This offer is valid until 1 September 2006. New: extended indefinitely! People can only be referred once (sorry, repeat orders don`t count), so the first referrer scores!  All referrers will receive random samples of tea (not cash) and may request varieties subject to availability. International referrers may be assessed a (small) handling fee to cover postage.  Prizes unclaimed after one year will be donated to charity.   Offer not valid where prohibited by law.

What, are you still reading?


"Come to want free tea!"

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